The Simpler Trading Mentorship
June 12-13, 2017 in Austin, Texas
Discover why serious traders eagerly return every year for our full-immersion, two-day live-trading experience with John Carter and the Simpler Trading Team 
Important: We have limited spots available 
(many are already spoken for by our returning alumni and VIP’s)
Why Attend Our Mentorship Experience?
Our goal is to help you achieve things you’ve never could do before, and do so more quickly than you thought possible. We’ve found that participating in a full-immersion experience is one of the fastest ways to transform WHO you are as a trader.

Learning through trial and error on your own is costly and slow. As with any new skill, progress can be so much faster when you spend time with successful traders face-to-face. Imagine absorbing the strategies, tactics, and deep market knowledge you need in a couple days, instead of months or years by yourself. That’s why our past attendees keep coming back year after year.

This is your chance to focus exclusively on trading for three solid days. We’ll be there to answer your questions, look over your shoulder, and show you how we trade during market hours.  

As always, our informal goal for the live-trade sessions is to make more than enough profits to cover your investment to attend. Of course, we can’t promise that, in fact there is always risk of loss in trading and you should never put money at risk that you can’t afford to lose, but we’ve succeeded many times in the past. Whether you are a full-time trader, or just getting started, we believe this is the perfect opportunity to take your trading to the next level as fast as possible.
Here's what our alumni want you to know...
"This weekend has been good to help clarify that I probably need to pick my strategies and be more focused and disciplined. I wish I had more trading friends and I would drag them here with me. It is nice to meet people that want to do what you do."  - Rodrigo Lode
“The mentorship is really great! I enjoy hearing John and the team he has put together. It has been a very good learning experience for me so I have really enjoyed it a lot. If you are new to trading, this is the best learning place you could be.”  - Ushma Shah
“They helped me find my trading style and learn what my psychological limits are because learning to trade is also learning to develop your mental ability to dispel fear and greed from your decision-making. The coaching staff that attends is very helpful!”  - Ralph Tipple
Our Commitment to You
Trade with Professionals
Attend the Simpler Trading Mentorship & trade live (in person) with an elite group of veterans with experience that spans the financial markets from Stocks & Options to Futures & Currencies.
Collaborate & Contribute
A rare experience that creates the opportunity for you to be not only a student but a teacher as well as you share your knowledge with other traders while gleaning expertise from seasoned veterans.
Expand Your Knowledge
Build your confidence by putting into action the real time the strategies, setups, & techniques you learn from our experts as well as other high-level traders from around the world.
Your Mentorship Experience Includes:
  •  Two Live-Trade Sessions from 8:30 to 5pm
  •  Texas Hold’em Tournament
  •  Sunday Evening Meet and Greet
  •  Online Access to Recordings of Each Sessions
  •  Live Access to ‘Spy on the Big Money’ Online Course
  •  Complete Recordings for Spy on the Big Money Course
  •  Live Access to 3 Days of Online Trading with John Carter
  •  Complete Recordings for the Big Money Live-Trading Sessions
  •  Bonus: The Sector Spy Indicator
  •  Bonus: The Credit Sniper Indicator
  •  Bonus: The Launch Pad Indicator
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